SBA Bsm Express - Made repeated unauthorized charges to my credit card.

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This is not a review it is a complaint against BSM/Grant Search and BSM/SBA Express.Specifically, this company has made repeated unauthorized charges to my credit card.

The charges occurred on: December 9, 2007;Dec. 12, 2007;January 2008; March, April, May 2008. The charges are in the amounts of $39.95 and $7.95 each month. Since my card account continues to be debited, I plan to block the card submit a dispute form to obtain refund of the unauthorized amounts.

I expect the credit card company to work in concert with me to stop these charges.

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SBA Bsm Express - Bsm/sba express took my money

Madison, Wisconsin 1 comment
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bsm/sba express took money off my child support visa card without my permission and i want the money back..that money is for my daughter not for them people to take it..

i want it back..there is not need for people to take other peoples money with out getting permission to take it and i am one pissed off mother and i want that money there is no need for this *** that money goes to my daughter and no for some *** that dont have permission to take that i want my money back now...


Mora, Minnesota, United States #9633

I contacted my credit card company for help on this unauthorized transaction.they began the withdrawal 4 days after I ordered the CD.

Because I had a hard time getting a hold of anyone my credit card company did the research. The number is 866-370-7270 and I called around 4 p.m.

CST.They are going to refund my money and I also cancelled the membership.

SBA Bsm Express - i have had unauthorized charges to my card.

Salt Lake City, Utah 2 comments
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I have unauthorized charges on my card from BSM/SBA EXPRESS Las vegas twice.One for 39.95 and again for 7.95, who the *** are these guys?

I never signed up for or heard of them, how do I get my *** money back? I'm furious I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's no number, no address, no website, nothing for these idiots. I've read that other people have complained about this same idiotic company.

So how can we fix this issue? Who's responsible for this company? I mean the only thing I can think of is that their a fraud company taking people's money for no reason other than their bored.

I'm PISSED!!!!

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Wellington, Texas, United States #10101

i'm pissed also. i do not know what to do i have had charges on my account also and never signed up for anything. at this time i'm unemployed and cannot afford this where do i go from here it seems that these people are ripping off people right and left

Amsterdam, Ohio, United States #6797

Cancell the card at once, is the first step the small amounts charged are probably just tests to see if the account valid.

then send written notice to the card co that these charges were not authorized by you. if done properly you will eventually get back the money. but dont spend it till you get it. welcome to identify theaft.

you about to learn a lot.dont stress out just deal with it.


Liberty Lake, Washington 0 comments
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does anyone know how to contact these ppl??I too had the same problem and I want it to stop.

My bank told me that I signed up fpr something online...a free trial of some kind but in fine print it says you get charged for all these other things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont think that they should! Networkagenda did they same buT i called them right away and they fixed that one.

But my bank says they cant find info on these guys and they will get back to if anyone out there had any info please help me out!

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